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The Riviera of Trogir is by many considered the most beautiful Riviera on the Croatian Adriatic, due to its natural, historical and cultural characteristics. It is well known for its rich and diverse Mediterranean vegetation, for beautiful, naturally formed pebble and sand beaches, for the surrounding islands, which create a small and adorable archipelago, for bays with calm and clean beaches, which guarantee paradisiacal and stupendous holidays to their visitors, far away from the turbulence of big cities. The region is also famous for its grapevine yards, carefully cultivated by the citizens of Trogir and the rest of the Croatian littoral, its olive yards, in which the most delicious and the healthiest olive oil is being produced, as well as for the exquisite gastronomic offer with Dalmatian specialities. The Trogir Riviera has four marinas, which are ideal for sea travellers and nautical activities. It is situated not very far from Split, the largest town on the Croatian Adriatic Coast and is only 6km away from the nearest airport.

The rich history of the Trogir Riviera

The centre of the Trogir Riviera is town Trogir, which was declared a world heritage by UNESCO in 1997. About the rich history of the entire Riviera and the rest of this part of the Adriatic witness many monuments and buildings in historical and medieval styles, which enable a traveller to go back in time and relive the history. Many nations have fought to conquer this geographically well placed area with mild Mediterranean climate and its characteristic vegetation. The documented evidence shows that the first settlers in this area were the Illyrians. Then the Greek arrived here in the 2nd century BC and established the town, today known as Trogir. After the Greek many other conquerors and rulers came along, among them the Byzantines, Romans, Napoleon, the Venetians, Austro-Hungarians and of course the Croats.

Destinations, places and sights on the Trogir Riviera

The Trogir Riviera consists of town Trogir, which is due to its historical richness an unmissable destination for the visitors of the Riviera of Trogir, and the beautiful island of Čiovo with its somewhat peaceful, smaller settlements and beautiful beaches, like Žedno, Arbanija, Slatine, Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Seget Vranjica, Seget Donji, Marina, Poljica, Uvala Ljubljeva, Vinišće and Sevid. All about the beaches, destinations and activities on the Trogir Riviera you can find here on our site. You can also get more information about the accommodation, services and other particularities that may be of interest.

Some 45 minutes away from Trogir is the National Park Krka, about which you can read more on our site. You can also learn how to get there. On the Trogir Riviera there is also a nature reserve named Panat. Panat is an ancient swamp with a large number of various types of birds, untouched nature and botanical gardens. On the Panat there is one 1500 year old olive tree, which is a must see. It is really intriguing to just try and imagine what this old tree has “lived” through and the times that it has “witnessed”.