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Apartments Villa Luna Trogir, Croatia
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Summers of Trogir

Summers of Trogir last one entire month and take place in August. During that period there are various manifestations like concerts, parties, fiestas and festivals being held there.

The Kairos Festival in Trogir

The Kairos Festival in Trogir, also known as the Happy Moment Festival, is held in June. During the Happy Moment Festival there are various cultural and entertaining events, during which you can find out more about Trogir and the Traditions of Trogir.

Bicycle Fest

Bicycle Fest in Trogir happens in May. During this festival there are various races and trips held on the seashore and the nearby places in Middle Dalmatia.

Medieval Fest

Medieval Fest of the town of Trogir is held in May. This festival will teach you all about the history of the town Trogir.

Summer Evenings

in Okrug are famous for the fishermen’s fests, parties, concerts and klapa singing events.

Fishermen’s nights

Fishermen’s nights happen throughout the whole summer, in Trogir and actually everywhere on the island Čiovo. These nights are a must, if you want to try fresh fish prepared in traditional Dalmatian way.